Multiplying disciples in local apartments.

We show up to serve in local apartments, because we want to see families and neighborhoods changed by the love of Jesus.


Missions is not just global it's also local.

Church in the Park is a local ministry with the goal of multiplying disciples and churches in the margins of our culture... right here in Santa Clarita.

We look for ways to demonstrate the love of Jesus and proclaim the gospel in local apartment complexes.

We believe that God can use ordinary people, like you and me, to reach our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we want to help you GO live on mission to our community.

Would you consider participating with us in God's mission to Santa Clarita?



"that's Jakes Way, we don't go over there."

Church in the Park is a ministry that no one church gets to claim as having founded and all believers who agree with are statement of beliefs and approach to ministry are welcome to participate.

As early as 2013 some volunteers from Heart of the Canyons Church began showing up in a part of the city referred to as Jakes Way. This part of town was known for a much higher crime rate and significant gang activity.

Their team (which included Bill Romero and Dawn Hardesty, among others) started a Bible study with the kids and teens in the park.

Not long after that the Lord began speaking to Brandon Maddux, who was on staff at The Sanctuary Church, to start showing up in Jakes Way. Growing up in Santa Clarita people told him "that's Jakes Way, we don't go over there." But the Lord convicted him that this was the exact kind of place that Jesus followers were called to influence... we are called to be the light in the darkness.

The Lord also began showing them that historically, significant moves of God often begin among the most unexpected people in the most unexpected places. It doesn't stay there, but movements often start there.

He began volunteering multiple times per week in the community through the City of Santa Clarita's homework help program. And before long, he merged with the team from Heart of the Canyons in order to reach more people with the good news of Jesus.

Then COVID-19 hit and everything came to a stop for over a year.

Finally, we re-launched the ministry with the goal of not only multiplying disciples and churches in the Jakes Way community, but also multiplying the ministry into new apartment complexes around Santa Clarita.

Most of our team members are volunteers from churches around the community, but our leaders are fundraised missionaries who are aiming to see Gospel Movement(s) in Southern California.


Our Leadership Team

While most of our team are volunteers, some of our leadership team are funded as missionaries in order to free them up to spend more time pioneering new ministry contexts as well as training and equipping believers. Your financial support of our team helps make the growth of this ministry possible.

Brandon Maddux


Andrew Bennett


Dan Lawrie


5+ Components of Gospel Movement

Activating Prayer

Prayer paves the way for movement. In each context we persistently pray for God to move, through prayer walks and times of intercession.


Engaging the Lost

We intentionally live on mission in the community. We out in the community meeting people's felt needs, having gospel conversations and discipling those who are receptive.

Making Disciples

Instead of pulling people away from their friends and family as we make disciples, we focus on making disciples in their community from the ground up. We often use Discovery Bible Studies as a tool for making disciples.


Growing Leaders

We multiply everything, including leaders. As new disciples are made, we coach, mentor and send them out to make disciples.

Forming Churches

As disciples emerge in a new context, spiritual families begin to form. Often, these are called house-churches or micro-churches. These churches are simple and multiply rapidly.


Nurture Movement

As multiple new churches emerge in a context, we come alongside to identify elders, help coach leaders and nature the health and continued growth of that gospel movement.

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This is the purpose for the ministry in the first neighborhood we are reaching.

Space for experimenting with gospel movement.

Context for mobilizing believers

Neighborhood for planting a gospel movement.


We have a three part vision for this ministry.

A multiplying micro-church movement in and around each neighborhood we serve (currently: Jakes Way).

Growth for all involved on how to plant gospel movements, so that we are ready to do it again in other contexts.

Stories of God moving that encourage and help mobilize believers to participate in multiplying gospel movements beyond these neighborhoods.